From their positions of power and through their super natural abilities four elemental witches exert control over their coven (which consists of 28 members) and desert town of Mirage, which resembles a mythical version of Las Vegas.
Status: pilot complete. Page count: 28 & 24

Trig, unknowingly finds himself in the clutches of a Nefilim. Joined by five displaced, Phoenicians trapped in time by a Solar Maximus. They must deal with the Nefilim and the future.
Status: pilot complete. Page count: 25

Ghede Jones, is court ordered to perform community service at the artist colony Camp Redemption. Here, damaged but selected artists come to regain their spirit under the watchful eye of Xerxes Hommes, the owner of the Estate in West Texas on which the colony exists.
Status: pilot complete. Page count: 26

After a career ending injury, a professional athlete returns to his families home and comes into newly found conjure man and Hoodoo powers. His families land sits on the border of a Hoodoo woman’s property and a battle between these two prominent families begins anew. A land grab for cultural dominance inRivertown,USA.
Status: pilot complete. Page count: 26

Jerome Pugh, owner of an NBA franchise, goes to his favorite Bar & Grill to wait for his older fiancé and to hang out with friends. On this night he plans to accept her marriage proposal, but everyone else warns him not to marry her. Meanwhile his fiancé plots to catch him cheating with a hired decoy.
Status: pilot complete. Page count: 26